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**   How do I know if I have a MCI or a Pre MCI engine?
By looking at the exhaust manifold you will be able to tell which you have.  On a MCI engine the exhaust manifold is all aluminum and is a part of the engine head.  Partially covered by a sheet metal heat shield.  On a Pre MCI engine the exhaust manifold is cast iron and is attached to the head by four bolts.

**   How do you know the correct amount of oil to add to your engine?
The correct amount of oil to add to your engine once you recieve it is one and one fourth (1 1/4) quart.  If you are adding oil to a 'jacked up' golf cart add one quart at first.  Due to the angle of the engine your dipstick will show less oil than what is actually in the engine.

**   How can I tell if my Club Car engine is Clockwise or Counter Clockwise?
If the engine is operational the direction of the clutch determines the rotation of the engine.  If the engine is unable to spin over you will have to tell by looking directly at the flywheel.  Generally, a clockwise engine has a grey colored flywheel; counter clockwise is black.  To be sure which you have, while looking at the flywheel look at the 'six o'clock' position, if the cup in this position forms a 'C' you have a clockwise rotation; if it's a backwards 'C' it is counter clockwise.

**   How do I know if my Club Car does or doesn't have an ACR?
If your Club Car is a key start model then it will have the ACR, if it is a pedal start then it will not have ACR.

**   Is there a warranty on my engine?
Yes, there is a one year limited warranty.  If issues do occur within thirty (30) days we will ship you a new engine and then you return the warranty.  If issues occur after thirty (30) days then we require your engine to be returned to diagnose the problem. 
**Please do NOT attempt any repairs yourself.  This will VOID your warranty.

**   How do you ship the engines?
We ship our engines via UPS to anywhere in the world.  All engines are shipped without oil.  We also include a gasket package and a return label for your core.

**   Is there a core charge?
Yes, there is a $250.00 core charge that will be refunded back to you once we receive your core with all parts in good condition.  There will be a charge for missing pieces.